Vintage is an investment in your wardrobe and the environment. Buying quality vintage clothing will add distinction and personality to your style and help minimize the negative environmental and social effects of the fast fashion industry.




Manulu Vintage presents an ever-changing, unique and personally handpicked vintage collection of women’s clothing, accessories and jewelry. 


Luxury labels like Dior, Gucci, Chanel, Versace and YSL are displayed alongside beautiful and outstanding non-designer pieces, and occasionally Manulu Vintage also creates their own one-off designs from old vintage styles and fabrics. 


Sourcing all over the world, and always with an eye to the runway and the streets, Manulu Vintage often searches for a current aesthetic, but the assortment will also reveal a strong passion for print, color and texture, as well as more timeless and elegant vintage treasures.


Vintage clothing always varies a great deal in size, fit, materials and condition as it originates from so many different eras, countries and designers. Therefore, we don't believe in selling online -  you need to try it on, feel and experience our collection in real life and at the same time treat yourself with the thrill of discovering hidden treasures you didn’t expect to find.


The store is located in the heart of Copenhagen among trendy cafés and small boutiques and has quickly become a favourite spot for local fashionistas, designers, stylists and celebrities.